Founded in 1996, Edwards & Associates has helped thousands of organizations meet their due diligence and regulatory requirements by providing trusted and accurate background checks.

These clients have found the peace of mind that this protection provides to them, to their leadership, to their staff and to the many who depend on their services.

Partnering with your business as a strategic ally, our services are more comprehensive and detailed than most companies that provide background checks on the internet. Our services are based on relationship and a long-term service model that is customized to your type of business or organization.

Once we have confirmed your subscription activation, simply log in to your dashboard to order new reports for current and prospective employees. You can also view the content of all reports you have ordered, providing absolute freedom for you and your staff to manage your reports the way you wish.

Additionally, we offer 24-hour, every day criminal activity monitoring of all current employees and volunteers. If you select this service, we will register each individual into our database and monitor for any criminal activity involving your employee within the state of North Carolina. When your employees have a brush with the law or have been arrested for any reason, we can alert you, giving you the upper hand and the ability to resolve the issue before it becomes a problem for you and your organization.

Edwards & Associates currently serve more than three thousand clients in forty eight states, with a proven track record that you and your organization can trust.

Contact us now to see how simple it can be to have the security and peace of mind you need.

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