Comprehensive Background Checks

We think you’ll agree, Edwards & Associates has one of the most comprehensive lists of available reports available on the internet. See for yourself:

[+] Civil Legal History Reports

  • Federal civil history

    Provides all civil records in federal courts as plantif or defendant.

  • County civil history for all US counties

    Provides all civil records in county or municipal courts as plaintiff or defendant.

    Please Note: The availability and comprehensiveness of these records are dependent upon the organized methods of managing and disseminating the data collected by the local jurisdiction.

[+] Credit History Reports

  • National consumer credit history

    Reports an individual's financial history and current credit standing through one of the three major credit bureaus. A seven-year history is available.

  • National bankruptcy, tax liens and judgements

    Reports an individual's tradelines, balances, bankruptcies and tax liens. A seven-year history is available.

  • National business credit history

    Reports a business' or organization's financial history, tradelines, balances and current credit standing.

[+] Criminal History Reports

  • North Carolina criminal monitoring reports
  • Federal criminal history reports
  • National criminal history reports
  • TRAC Reports State repository criminal history reports for all US States
  • State database criminal history reports for all US States
  • County criminal history reports for all US Counties
  • Foreign criminal history reports
  • National sex offender registry reports
  • State sex offender registry reports for all US States
  • State sex abuse registry reports for all US States
  • Australia consolidated list reports
  • Canada consolidated list reports

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[+] Education Verification Reports

  • National and International Education Verification

    Report provides dates of attendance, earned degrees, clarification of major and minor courses of study. Date of graduation is verified with the institution.

[+] Federal & International Interest List Reports

  • Bureau of Industry and Security list
  • Denied entities list
  • Department of Commerce denied parties list
  • Department of Commerce entities list
  • Department of Commerce Export Administration regulations denied persons list
  • Department of State proliferation lists
  • Department of State arms export control department list
  • Department of State trade control debarred parties
  • Food and Drug Administration debarment list
  • General Services Administration exclusion list
  • Health and Human Services Department debarment list reports
  • Medicare exclusion list reports
  • Security watchlist
  • Unverified entities list
  • US Bureau of Industry and Security
  • US Prohibited parties list
  • MU terrorism list
  • Interpol most wanted list
  • Non-cooperative countries and territories reports
  • OFAC sanctioned countries reports
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control designated nationals and blocked persons
  • Terrorist exclusion list

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[+] Pre-Employment Screening

  • Social Security Validation
  • Address History Trace
  • Federal Criminal History Reports
  • National Criminal History Reports
  • State Repository Criminal History Reports for all US States
  • State Database Criminal History Reports for all US States
  • County Criminal History Reports for all US Counties
  • National Sex Offender Registry Reports
  • State Sex Offender Registry Reports for all US States
  • International Criminal Reports
  • Driving Records
  • Credit Report
  • Specially Designated National (National Terrorist List)
  • OFAC
  • OIG Exclusion List
  • GSA Procurement Exclusion Search
  • FDA Debarment List
  • Health & Human Services Exclusion List
  • U.S. Prohibited Parties List
  • INTERPOL Wanted
  • Education Verification
  • Professional Credentials
  • Employment Verification
  • Personal Refernces
  • Workers Compensation
  • Corporate Security of State Verification

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[+] Employment Reports

  • Employment verification

    Previous and present employers, supplied by individual, will be contacted to verify dates of employment, positions held, compensation (if available), eligibility for rehire, performance information, recommendations of employers (if available), and additional prudent information that may be available from previous or present employers.

  • Corporate search

  • Name search

  • Professional credentials

    Verification of dates of issuance, status, or currency of credentials. We provide other available information available or offered through the certifying board or agency.

  • Personal references

    Personal references, supplied by individual, will be contacted to verify information concerning the individual being investigated, as directed.

  • Workers compensation

    Verification of workers compensation claims secured through State agency. After employment offer is made, workers compensation claims may be investigated in selected States.

[+] Motor Vehicle Reports

  • State motor vehicle reports

    Reports from all States and the District of Columbia providing a minimum of three years to a maximum of ten years driving records including date drivers license was issued, expiration date, status and restrictions of current drivers license, as well as driving infractions and convictions.

  • National DOT driver employment verification reports

[+] Drug Testing History Reports

  • National drug testing reports

    Reports all results of drug testing for an individual from all State & Local jurisdictions where the individual has lived.