Safe Sanctuary Program For Faith-Based Organizations

Are you aware that one of four girls and one of seven boys are sexually molested before their 18th birthday and that the most common abusers of children are acquaintances of their victims?

Are you aware that the allegations of sexual misconduct within the church community are significantly on the rise?

Edwards & Associates currently works with many faith-based organizations and churches and will assist you in the development of a comprehensive Safe Sanctuary Security Program for your church or faith-based organization.

Our Pledge to You

To keep your ministry — and those in its care — out of harms way by providing procedures and critical information, enabling your team to make informed decisions concerning employees and volunteers that work with your precious children.

Why should you consider adopting a Safe Sanctuary program for your church or faith-based organization?

A Safe Sanctuary Security Program enables you and your congregation:

  • To provide necessary and critical processes and procedures for your church to follow in recruitment, screening, employment and dismissal of employees and volunteers.
  • To fulfil your insurance obligation. A screening program is required for sexual misconduct coverage; an attachment of your liability church or non-profit insurance policy.
  • Most importantly, it’s the safe and right thing to do for your church and children. You congregation will be free to minister knowing that individuals working with your small children, school-aged children, and youth have been screened and approved.

Our Comprehensive Services

A highly-qualified representative with experience helping other churches and faith-based organizations to develop useful and enforceable guidelines will assist you develop the right Safe Security program for your congregation or organization.

We provide the services requested for the implementation of the security guidelines:

  • State Criminal History Reports
  • References/prior employment
  • MVR Reports
  • Credit Reports
  • Drug Testing
  • Daily criminal history updates for North Carolina
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Compliance Officer
  • Buildings and grounds Sanctuary survey

How does Edwards & Associates compare with competitors?

Edwards & Associates Competitor
No initial cost Initial cost may be required
All criminal reports performed by Edwards & Associates Online retrieval of records
Confidentiality of information Information is readily available to staff and committees
Compliance officer assigned to your organization No compliance officer assigned to your organization
Competitive Cost No cost guarantee
Confidental storage of records at no cost with availability to view them at any time.  

Your confidential reports may be sent back to the organization as requested

—or— A letter may be sent indicating those individuals that meet the guidelines of the organization for employment/volunteer work and/or those that do not meet the guidelines. All records stored in confidence at the offices of Edwards & Associates. Individuals not meeting the guidelines would be called by Edwards & Associates and their criminal history discussed with the individual.

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