Pre-Employment Screening

Edwards & Associates provides a full spectrum of reporting for your pre-employment needs. Not just a criminal and drug test, we go the extra mile, checking a multitude of repositories and databases to ensure the hiring decision you make is well-informed. See for yourself how Edwards & Associates can partner with your business to give you the peace of mind our protection provides..

Pre-employment reports include the following:

Social Security Validation

Verification of the state and year an individual's Social Security Number was issued. This record is cross-referenced through the Social Security Death Master Index to determine if the Social Security Number is the number of a deceased individual.

Address History Trace

Reports for given Social Security Number providing names, addresses, date of birth and telephone numbers of individuals represented by the Social Security Number. This information determines the jurisdictions to be searched in a comprehensive criminal history report.

Federal Criminal History Reports

A search of Federal misdemeanor and felony records are searched via the PACER system and reported to you upon your request.

National Criminal History Reports

A database search of criminal records from state, county, and municipal repository and criminal databases.

State Repository Criminal History Reports for all US States

Official state repository (proprietary database records) are available for each US state. The availability and comprehensiveness of the state criminal record varies by state and is dependent upon the state's organized methods of managing and disseminating the data it collects from local jurisdictions.

State Database Criminal History Reports for all US States

Public state database records are available for each US state. The availability and comprehensiveness of the state criminal record varies by state and is dependent upon the state's organized methods of managing and disseminating the data it collects from local jurisdictions.

County Criminal History Reports for all US Counties

Official county and local proprietary database records are available for all US county or city jurisdictions.

National Sex Offender Registry Reports

Reports are available for registered sex offenders from all participating US states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam.

State Sex Offender Registry Reports for all US States

Reports provide individual state official listing of registered sex offenders. These reports are not available in all states.

International Criminal Reports

A search of criminal records available for most foreign countries, including Mexico and Canada.

Driving Records

Available from all states and the District of Columbia, this record provides a minimum of three years to a maximum of ten years driving records to include date of issue, expiration, status, infractions, convictions and restrictions.

Credit Report

The applicants financial history and current credit standing is obtained through on the three major credit bureaus. Trade lines, balances, bankruptcies, tax liens and the seven year copy of the credit file are available.

Specially Designated National (National Terrorist List)

Organizations and individuals who are restricted from doing business with the U.S., Americans, or American companies. This list includes terrorist organizations, terrorist and state sponsored terrorism.


Office of Foreign Asset and Control database search of all persons or companies that are banned from entry or conducting business in the U.S.

OIG Exclusion List

Office of Inspector General list of excluded individuals or businesses from participating in Federally funded health care programs. Exclusions are based on convictions for program-related fraud and patient abuse, licensing board actions and default on Health Education Assistance Loans.

GSA Procurement Exclusion Search

Listing of parties excluded from receiving federal contracts, subcontracts and some federal assistance and benefit programs.

FDA Debarment List

Debarment list imposed by FDA on those persons or companies that engage in criminal conduct with respect to the development or approval of new drugs.

Health & Human Services Exclusion List

Office of the Inspector General�s list of excluded individuals and entities prohibited from participating in Federally funded health care programs.

U.S. Prohibited Parties List

List of entities with which an exporter is prohibited from doing business with.


Listing of individuals wanted for crimes in multiple countries focusing primarily on public safety, terrorism, organized crime, illicit drug production, child pornography, white collar crime, computer crime and intellectual property crime and corruption.

Education Verification

Dates of attendance, earned degrees, clarification of major and minor areas of studies, and date of graduation is verified with the given educational institution.

Professional Credentials

Verification of dates of issuance, status or currency of credentials, and other available information from certifying board or agency.

Employment Verification

Given previous and present employers are contacted to verify dates of employment, position held, compensation if available, eligibility for rehire, performance information, recommendations of employers if available and additional prudent information that may be available.

Personal Refernces

Given references are contacted to verify information of the subjected being investigated as directed by client.

Workers Compensation

Verification of workers comp claims via state agency. After employment offer is made workers comp claims may be investigated in selected states.

Corporate Security of State Verification

Confirmation of the status of a business state of incorporation, names of officers and board of directors, registered office location and additional information provided by the Secretary of State Office.