Edwards and Associates has had great success assisting schools, organizations and businesses to protect themselves, their children and their assets by assisting them to develop Safe Sanctuary and Security Programs. We will help you through our recommendations for your process and procedures. In the end, you will have the protection that our plan provides. Our recommendations are as follows:

Employee and volunteer worker screening procedures:

  1. Complete an initial application
    • Application is reviewed by organization designee to determine if the candidate would be appropriate based on the information provided.
    • References and/or previous employment checked on candidate
    • At a minimum a state criminal background check will be provided for any candidate who will be in associated with any children, youth or disabled.
  2. Waiting Period: No candidate will be considered for any position involving contact with children, youth or the disabled until the candidate has been involved in the organization for six or more months.
  3. Supervision: Procedures will be developed for the number of volunteers to be present with youth or children at all functions, in addition to staff members.
  4. Work restrictions
  5. Discipline
  6. Injuries or illness
  7. Record Keeping
  8. Notice of injury, abuse or molestation
  9. Violation of Policy or Procedures
  10. Internal Investigations
  11. Dealing with law enforcement
  12. Annual employee/volunteer work review
  13. Revisions of policy/procedures